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Do you need a website for your business but want to do it without the hassle of lengthy processes and technology decisions like CMS and hosting? Do you want someone else to do it for you, like a service you can subscribe to?


Website as a Service (WaaS) is a way of managing a website, subscribing to it as a service so that technical updates are managed by someone else and as part of a package.

The Website as a Service concept is especially attractive for communication teams that;

  • have few resources
  • Having many other tasks and responsibilities on hand
  • Does not have the relevant competencies and skills internally

Easy to get started with WaaS

WaaS is often a standardized solution, which is quick to start and easy to purchase with low cost of production and fast time to market. It is often possible to move your existing website, including content and design, to a WaaS platform very quickly, giving you access to all the benefits immediately.

A WaaS platform is based on generic requirements that all websites and businesses need, for example:

  • standardized features like search and integrations with third-party providers
  • templates and functions for calendars,
  • news listings
  • analytics
  • legal requirements (for example, the use of cookies and the storage of personal information)
  • fullfilment of security requirements
  • easy to use content management system (CMS)

Some providers also offer the ability to implement a custom design, not just by adding your logo.

Continuous development of the website.

By subscribing to the service, you decide the level of development of your site based on the amount you pay each month. If you've moved an existing site to a WaaS platform, you may want to make bigger changes early on when you see the possibilities the platform offers. After a while, you may be satisfied with fewer modifications, focusing on keeping the website up to date. There's always a basic monthly fee you pay, to which you add a development and support agreement.

facilitating technology

One of the main reasons for choosing WaaS is that the provider will ensure that the website is up to date with ever-changing technology such as browser updates, Google search updates, and changes in technology standards (demise of Java, rise of of HTML5, requirement for website encrypted using SSL, etc.).

Hosting is also included in the service, so you don't have to worry about traffic numbers, malicious attacks, and geographic distribution.

Another aspect that the provider must take care of is to make sure that the website is legally compliant with MAR and GDPR. WaaS offers the ability to classify regulatory press releases, provides an archive for general meetings, handles cookie policies and, if you use forms, ensures they are GDPR compliant.

More time and budget in content and communication.

With WaaS, you spend less of your budget on technology, so you can use your budget for content and communication. Many WaaS solutions provide the option of page-by-page layout, so that extra effort can be put into important pages, making them work really well for your stakeholders.

Faster time to market

When using a WaaS solution, the initial setup of the website should be quick thanks to standardized solutions. After that, you can decide how much time you want to spend caring for yourself or have your provider do it.

Platform updates requested by other companies using the solution are often included in your solution, which means you can decide to implement them at a lower cost than if you request them yourself. Therefore, more solutions will be available to you.

Who is WaaS for?

WaaS is a good option for any company with limited resources that wants to have a well-functioning website without having to understand all the technical jargon. It is less relevant if your company has strong demands on specific providers for, for example, hosting.

Fast, secure and cost-effective digital communications

we know websites

Website as a Service (WaaS) is our subscription-based way of taking care of your website. The service includes design, construction and administration of your entire site.

Our platform is constantly updated to ensure your site is secure and robust, using/incorporating the latest technologies. You don't have to think about updates or release windows.

Your site is supported by a team of dedicated communication professionals who know all the requirements of being a publicly traded company. We take care of the little things.

quick to market

By using the Website as a Service, Comprend continually manages and supports your Site and evolves with advances in technology.

Our solution is easy to use and can be up and running quickly. You can save time and resources and focus them on your communication goals instead of running a website.

make meaningful connections

We take care of the technology and make sure it meets the requirements of a modern professional website. By focusing on building and developing your business strategy, we help you connect and engage with your stakeholders in a meaningful way, and with the help of our sister agencies within the H&H Group, we provide you with the expertise you need to create and sustain a great/ or compelling website.


Our cloud-based service ensures geographical resiliency and distribution. Sites are continuously scanned, monitored and optimized.

Continuous development

We continually develop the platform and implement new features. Each of our sites is up to date, performing at its best, all so they can keep up with you and your needs.


We make sure that your website not only looks great, but also feels great. Our designs are easy to use, on-brand and in line with your company's strategy.


Clean code, fast loading speeds, low page weight, security features, and meta tag and title tag optimization – our platform is built with successful SEO in mind.

Responsive web design

Our sites are designed to look great on all screens. You can easily create, edit and customize the layout for each device within your CMS dashboard.

Understand the platform

Our CMS is built by us for our clients, so it is tailor-made to be easy for our clients to use. It is also very easy to link our CMS to your analytics and many other additional features.





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