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Why is it important to include an online chat for your SEO strategy?

To make a good SEO strategy you need to base yourself on and comply with more than 200 factors that Google updates periodically. Obviously you can't meet all those requirements, it's almost impossible! However, you can focus on the most important ones.

In this article we are going to describe how online chat can be very useful with some of these factors to efficiently position your website in search engines.

Initially we are going to talk about the bounce rate or "bounce rate" and how online chat helps you reduce the bounce rate. In a recent study of SEMrush a significant correlation of the bounce rate is shown as a relevant factor to position yourself in the first places of the search engines.

Well, perhaps you are wondering why we refer to this statistic and what does it have to do with online chat?

First What's more, when using an online chat you can use the “intelligent triggers” functionality so that every time a user visits you can automatically greet them with a friendly message in the online chat. With this you achieve that the user can interact on your web page, achieving a bounce rate of 0%. Thus, when a new user visits your WEB page you can increase the probability and retain it with this functionality. With this you will achieve a lower average bounce rate, fulfilling one of the most important factors for web positioning and you will be able to rank better on the first page of search engines.

One of the best online chats on the market, and one that we personally like to use a lot, is jivochat. We have tested several online chats, however, the test results indicate a drop in performance and rating obtained through GTmetrix. When installing and testing jivochat in our projects, the rating goes up between 2 to 5 percentage points in PageSpeed ​​and YSlow, which is an indicator of a healthier page for an On-page SEO strategy.

Performance is precisely second reason to use an online chat of the caliber of jivochat. It is essential to have a good performance of your web page, because there is nothing worse than a slow web page to load all its content.

GTMetrix result using ANOTHER online chat

See the full report here

GTMetrix result using JIVOCHAT

See the full report here

Best of all, you can try jivochat for free and forever.

By using the service for free you ensure that you will use just what you were looking for. To tell the truth, we have tried several on the market and jivochat it is the one that has given us the best results, not only because it is friendly for SEO optimization but also because of all the functionalities it has.

For example, with jivochat you get analytics and reporting tools, automated mailing tools to review the daily performance of your chats, with which you have a great window of improvement for customer service. The professional version includes integration with google analytics, visitor rating, agent time tables, export to excel, to mention the important ones. And you know something, all these tools help you improve your interaction with visitors and therefore lower your bounce rate. In a nutshell, you position yourself BETTER!

Certainly there are thousands of online chat platforms today, but as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, from our experience jivochat It has shown us to be the most complete and the most optimal to better position our clients with SEO strategies.

In conclusion online chat are essential tools for your website that gives you a window of improvement for the bounce rate. And also, specifically using Jivochat, you will improve the performance or load time of the script, compared to others on the market, not to mention that there is a free version to try it out.

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