Sources to correct the problem: nginx.service failed because the control process exited

Check what errors you have with: sudo nginx -t Source: If you get this error: nginx 502 error: /var/ log/nginx/error.log” failed (2: No such file or directory), then create the directory that is in this documentation: –orvarorlogornginxorerror.log-failed-2-No-such-file-or-directory.html#:~:text=Then%20it%20means%20that%20your,or%20you%20have%20deleted%20them.&text=In% 20case%20the%20directory%20and,as%20per%20your%20nginx%20user.

Change Host Name of a Cloud Panel Server

    Change the host name: Root user commands: /docs/v2/cloudpanel-cli/root-user-commands/#:~:text=Password%20Reset,newPassword! Change Host:

Ecommerce Guatemala

Economic Outlook The digital revolution has transformed the way we do business and has also changed the way Guatemala does business. Ecommerce Guatemala is an innovative platform that allows small businesses to reach customers around the world. By giving these companies access to a global marketplace, they can expand […]

Website as a Service – what is it?

Do you need a website for your business but want to do it without the hassle of lengthy processes and technology decisions like CMS and hosting? Do you want someone else to do it for you, like a service you can subscribe to? Website as a Service (WaaS) is a way to manage […]

Promote your website for free

Hello! Today we bring you this article to help you with some super tips that make it easier for you to promote your website for free. yes free Because after all, what's the point of having a website if no one can see it. I hope the information is useful. 1. Use email marketing This is […]

Online chat: the importance for SEO

Why is it important to include an online chat for your SEO strategy? To make a good SEO strategy you need to base yourself on and comply with more than 200 factors that Google updates periodically. Obviously you can't meet all those requirements, it's almost impossible! However, you can focus on the most important ones. In this article we are going to […]

Tips for working from home – Home Office

If you're new to the world of remote work, let me start by saying: Welcome to the club! Those of us who have been working remotely for some time can now be a great resource for colleagues adjusting to their new work from home lifestyles. We understand […]


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