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Web positioning and development services

We design, develop and rank your Website on the first page of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Why is ranking so important?

of the Population in Latin America is an Internet user
daily access to social networks
research online before buying
of people have access to a smartphone

How do I appear on the first page of Google?

The design of the website is important from the visual point of view. But to be on the first page of Google, good resource optimization and good keyword management are required.

Our services

Different tools and strategies for WEB design and positioning

Analysis of data

We integrate measurement tools to improve decision-making in the positioning of WEB pages.

Keywords Consulting

We provide a list of keywords to our clients for the development of content for their WEB page, based on what people are looking for in search engines during the last year.

On Page Optimization

We analyze the critical points through specialized software to improve the score given by search engines like Google, and thus it is 100% optimized.
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Why choose us?


Our plans for the positioning of web pages do not have a contract, we choose to give an excellent service to our clients so that they grow with us. You can cancel the plan whenever you want and we can transfer the domain.


We focus so that entrepreneurs and medium-sized companies grow with their sales. That is why we adjust our plans in such a way that they are accessible without risking large sums of money.


We accompany our clients in the commercial strategy always. Your page will always be compatible with new technologies, regardless of the passage of time. We take care of having it 100%


Our Partners

We have key alliances to create value for our clients' web pages. The support and maintenance of the web pages is always backed by us and by our partners.


Our plans

We have several plans for the design and WEB positioning of your page, we adapt to your budget and strategy.

I'm My Web

Designed for entrepreneurs who already have a company and who want to have a WEB page to give a better corporate image

2 email accounts (5GB/account) – IMPA/POP
web Page
2GB Hosting
Bandwidth 20GB/month
Contact form
PositiveSSL security certificate
Change request 1 – 2 weeks


Designed for entrepreneurs who start or are going to start their company and want to give a good corporate image

1 email account (5GB) – IMPA/POP
Landing page
1GB Hosting
Bandwidth 10GB/month
Contact form
Change request 1 – 2 weeks

I'm My Page

Strategy designed for small and medium-sized companies that want to have a presence with their WEB page in the first places in search engines

5 email accounts 5GB/account
Hosting – 2GB
Bandwidth – 20GB/month
Keywords report
Contact form
Chat Online
PositiveSSL security certificate
On-page SEO – 1 keyword
Google Analytics
Monthly web positioning report
Monthly analytics report
Change request 1 week

Answers to your questions

It is the one who will support you in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo for the positioning of WEB pages on the first page and in the first place.
It certainly helps, but it's not necessary. It is best to keep the use of keywords in your content natural.
It is not a secret for anyone but here we list 5 reasons:
1. Your competition is already online
2. Help your customers find you.
3. You expand your market.
4. You have your business open 24 hours a day.
5. You improve your brand image.
Thanks to our desire to support entrepreneurs like you, we have made an effort to keep our plans competitive so that you can have your website and show yourself to your clients as a serious and professional company. To do so, you only have to register as a SoyMiPagina user and choose one of our plans.
Ok, so we will tell you that the first is the SEO strategy, in which users will find you naturally when searching in the engines, in other words it is the positioning of WEB pages in a natural way. And the other is SEM campaigns, where your page always emerges at the top or side in search engines. A clear example of this is Google Ads

We know what works

Measurement is essential for decision making. For the positioning of WEB pages we focus on measuring each of the data so that our clients can make better decisions and increase ROI (Return of Investment)
On-Page and Off-Page optimization guarantees the positioning of WEB pages quickly. You don't have to spend thousands thanks to our plans designed for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

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I'm My Page

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